about title

My previous ‘about me’ page was so formal and looking at it for over a year, I just felt that it didn’t feel right for my blog. I also realised that speaking about myself in 3rd person is a little strange and totally not my thing.


 So here’s a little bit about me – I don’t have professional photographers, I don’t own a single Chanel bag and I definitely don’t have unlimited amounts of money to be able to buy all the clothes in the world BUT what I do have is a ridiculous shopping problem, a serious shoe obsession and all of the time in the world for fellow fashion bloggers/lovers who understand what it means to camp overnight at a HM collab ‘just for clothes’  


You feel like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic movie could literally be you in 10 years (or is already you), you understand what Carrie Bradshaw meant about quite possibly being that old woman who lived in a shoe and you sure as hell don’t give a crap about your wardrobe being 99% black. Fashion is about more than just clothes and shopping, it is LIFE and yes, it is my life and I’m totally embracing it


So if this is all sounding incredibly familiar to you, then I think we might be soul sisters and I’d love to share my life with you. And hey, if you have no idea what I’m talking about but you just need a cool outfit for the weekend than I’m totally fine with that too 🙂


I promise that all the shopping I’ve done in my life has actually resulted in some good and I vow to share all my shopping tips and outfits with you!