My Westfield Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My Westfield Mother’s Day Gift Guide

08 May 17


Every year when I ask Mum what she wants for Mother’s Day.. she replies with the same old thing..

“Nothing nothing, you just save your money for yourself”

This is coming from the woman who has done absolutely everything and anything in my past 24 years of life. She continues to do so much and is the most selfless person I know.

Growing up it was just Mum and I as my Dad passed away when I was 6.

My Mum worked SO HARD to give me the best Childhood possible.  I don’t ever remember feeling like I was missing out on anything. She didn’t know how to drive before my Dad passed away and she didn’t have a job as she looked after me while my Dad worked. When he passed away, the dynamics changed and she had to pick herself up after losing her husband and be both a Mother and Father to me – looking back on it, I can’t even imagine how tough things would have been for her, but she would have kept it together for me. 

She learnt to drive and started working two jobs so I could stay at the Catholic school I went to at the time. She then studied while continuing to work and work and work until the house we called home was finally her own.

As I grew up, of course like any teenage girl, I resented my Mum for all the rules and discipline she threw my way, and it wasn’t until a few years ago when I moved out, that I realised just how much I need my Mum.

Instead of her calling a hundred times a day when I was younger and asking me where I was 24/7 it’s now me calling her ALL THE TIME needing her advice and the comfort only she can give.

The whole point of this is that I know I’ll never be able to repay my Mum for what she has given me, but I can tell you I’m going to try my absolute best.

Our Mum’s are incredible women and let’s not listen when they tell us they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day.. let’s go ahead and spoil them anyway, because I can tell you, it’s the least we can do 🙂

I promised you a gift guide so let’s get into it shall we…

1. MONOGRAMMED LEATHER – The Daily Edited 

The only thing cooler than a leather accessory, is your very own leather accessory that you can personalise for your Mama. From bags to Iphone cases and travel essentials – the Daily Edited have a huge variety of things to choose from.

The black leather passport holder with the rose gold EF initials featured in the picture above is actually my Mum’s present this year from TDE (fingers crossed she doesn’t see this part haha)

Can be found in Westfield Bondi Junction.


Who doesn’t love a massage? Spoil your Mum with some time to herself and a day of pampering. From a facial, to a deep tissue massage, manicure or blow dry, leave your Mum feeling her very best!


Don’t underestimate a cute photo frame with a super special shot of you and your Mama.


Don’t think this needs to be super expensive – there are so many jewellery options available at Westfield that  you are bound to find something stunning within your price range. From Lovisa, to David Jones, Pandora and Swarovski to name a few


Treat your Mum to a day of shopping and lunch on you! No doubt spending quality time with you will be her favourite part!


And not just any skin care, get her the good stuff – Aesop, Jurlique and Estee Lauder just to name a few..


Satisfy your Mum’s sweet tooth craving with some delicious handmade chocolates from Guylian or some seriously lavish macaroons from Ladurée


Our Mum’s are super human’s, we all know that – why not surprise your Mum with a brand new watch so she can stay on top of all the things she manages to get done in just one day – from Michael Kors, to Mimco and M.J Bale -there are countless options for you to find her that perfect time piece


Now this one’s tough as everyone is pretty picky with their handbags, so do your research first, see what style’s your Mum has worn in the past and ask her some questions on the sly without being too obvious. There are options available for every budget from Colette to Mimco and Oroton to name a few


Picking a fragrance for someone else can sometimes be tricky but if anyone knows your Mum it’s you! It’ll be her new Winter scent – she’ll love you for it!


A classic gift for a reason – a bunch of flowers always put a huge smile on my Mum’s face and I’m sure they’ll do the same for yours!


T2 come straight to my mind when I think of Mother’s Day gift options! They have a range of different gift packs and so many tea options. Why not get your Mum a beautiful new teapot and a variety of tea flavours – a hot cup of tea before bed is a must with this super cold weather around the corner!


If your Mum’s the reading type – this is the perfect gift for her. Make sure to do your research on what she’s already read, you don’t want to double up. If your Mum isn’t much of a reader why not go for a beautiful coffee table book. Fashion books always work great for this!


A delicious candle can be the perfect gift – Glasshouse candles are a personal favourite and will be sure to impress her!


It’s the gift that doesn’t disappoint – your Mum get’s to pick whatever SHE wants and it’s a chance for her to spoil herself without feeling guilty 😉


Finish your perfect present with a super fun Mother’s Day card and beautiful wrapping.. the cards featured in my shots above are all from Typo – they were super affordable with so many to choose from!

As for wrapping, head to Kikki K – you’ll struggle not to buy something for yourself when in there.

For other gift ideas, check out the Westfield Mother’s Day Guide here

Lot’s of love,


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