unexpected leather

unexpected leather

24 March 17

I am and always have been very selective with what bags I buy and introduce into my wardrobe!
I love buying pieces that I don’t see all day, everyday spread across my Instagram feed..
And where am I going with this? Ametrine The Label.. that’s where.
This Australian leather bag label create interesting and rare pieces that I can guarantee you haven’t seen before.
It was a no brainer to collaborate and help spread the word on this up and coming label which not only create beautiful and great quality pieces but are actually AFFORDABLE which let me tell you is music to my ears being a part time student.
Think delicious hexagon backpacks, oddly but super cool shaped pouches and my personal favourite featured in this post, ‘The Trapeze Bag’
This bag is the perfect size to ensure I bring only what I really need around with me and stops the unnecessary clutter that one would normally find in my larger bags.
You could say I’ve definitely found myself a new sidekick, and boy oh boy is she pretty!

Lot’s of love,


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